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Forex Trading Motivational Short Story by D.D. Wiltshire- Retired Energy Sector Superintendent

Advance Student

Wednesday 5th October 2021

So you just lost your job from Petrotrin and got a nice lump sum payment.

Although the lump sum looking good, you are mindful that if you don’t get a new source of income to supplement the lump sum you would be in some financial difficulties eventually as you would have bills to pay. But it’s not easy to get another job, so, what do you do?

Well, some of your associates might give you different suggestions. For example, let’s open up a business, invest your lump sum in the Credit Union or the Unit Trust Corporation and live off the interest or go and learn to do Forex Trading.

You may reason, it might be difficult to start a business in this pandemic, the Credit Union and Unit Trust only offering about a 3% annual return, but you hear that you can become a Millionaire trading Forex.


So, I Join a company and start to pay monthly subscriptions to start learning to trade. But after 6 months you realize you are not getting the hang of the trading, it’s difficult, so you decide to give up and lost a few thousand dollars in the Forex Arena.

So what next, you could give up or you can continue your search to get another income stream. But you remember the old saying “seek and you shall find”, knock and it shall be opened onto you “. With that in mind, you continue your search and heard about the OneAcademy Online Forex Group, a Community of Traders helping others to be part of the 5% that earns profit consistently.

Having lost some of your money at another forex company you wonder if OneAcademy would be the same. So you exercise due diligence, resulting in you joining the OneAcademy Online Program with Administrators Ivan and Michelle Mark and Lecturer Jason Bramble.

After 1 year-of experience with Forex Trading, you got frustrated, you would have blown some accounts, but you did not let that deter you.

Now after 2 years you are now a successful Forex Trader. Moral of the above story “ Persistence is the key to success “.

Joanne Celestine – Retired Energy Sector Supervisor

Advance Student

“When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be”. This quote was validated by me when Michelle and Ivan Mark created this Forex Trading program and platform.

In 2018, I attended an introductory class in Chaguanas and immediately believed in the potential of Forex Trading. One year later, in July 2019, I officially began classes and continued to this date. Our exceptional coach Jason Bramble makes my learning experience even more enjoyable. His simplistic educational and motivational approach gave me the knowledge and confidence to understand Forex trading concepts and manage risk.

Over the three years, there were obstacles in my personal life with losing close family members and sometimes losses in trades but I never gave up since it is all part of learning and developing my coping skills. What kept me going is the dedication and commitment of Coach Jason and Administrators Michelle and Ivan to ensure students are provided with the best trading tools, continuous training and support.

My perseverance pays off and is measured in the winning rate of my trades. I am happy that I never gave up and now I am proud to say that I am a Forex Trader. OneForex Academy is the best place for anyone who wants to Learn how to plan for their financial future.

Sheldon Jessemy-Medic

Advance Student

Before JCAFX, i was overloaded with mis information about the markets. 

Trapped between support and resistance I soon realized that the persons i relied on had little to no real trading experience. this translated to many blown accounts frustrated nights and an overall feeling of hopelessness. 

Two years ago i came across the JCAFX family and for the first time in my trading career the lights are on and i have been able to string consecutive quarters of winning together, with the knowledge gained through the JCAFX coach i am better able to realize my goals and provide for my loved ones.

Sandie Subero-Educator

Advance Student

In November 2019 I was introduced to Forex Trading when I joined what turned out to be a “copy trading” group. I was fascinated by the concept but soon realized that copy trading was not for me. I needed a deeper understanding of Forex trading and if possible, to learn the skill myself. After almost 18 months of research, practice, and a history of sporadic and inconsistent wins, I was introduced to OneForex in April 2021.

Being a member of the OneForex community has enabled me to establish a routine and follow a trading plan that has helped me to see a significantly higher win rate. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that Forex trading is not easy or fast money but a profession that requires discipline, commitment, and mental toughness. The training material solidified my understanding of Forex trading while the live practice sessions helped to increase my confidence and consistency as a trader. Jason’s coaching has also helped me learn how to manage my emotions and maintain my focus.

OneForex was the missing link I needed to take my forex trading to the next level. I highly recommend the OneForex community to anyone interested in being a successful trader.

Sunil Sookhoo-Real Estate Agent

Advance student

Firstly the price is phenomenal for lifetime teachings. Our coach analyzes the trade looking for the key components. He teaches us exactly what to look for in a trade making it extremely simple compared to others on the current market.

I attended forex from different people a few months ago but nothing could compare to our coach he has a great understanding of the forex and can express himself better than most of the others.

I am highly satisfied and will recommend him , in front of everybody else and any other organisation.


Indira Sooknanan-Real Estate Agent

Advance Student

Very encouraging never give up. It’s just as you about to give up you get that break you waiting for. Good things come to those who wait.I thank God that we have a good coach that teaches us about risk management and not to be greedy.
To build your wealth little at a time. While building you get so much experience and learn something everyday.

Thanks for sharing this Desmond God Bless. Hope all is encourage by this testimony. Thank you Ivan and Michelle for your continued blessings with One Academy.

God bless your business may you all grow from glory to glory. God bless you guys much love and appreciation to everyone😊♥️

Great Information

Taking this class gave me a total difference in sight into Forex. I have taken many class before both paid and YouTube and only this one gave me the confidence that I face the market and have a better chance of success, Mr Bramble is only very professional and patient ensuring all information is well received

Roland Debique

Very positive results at JCA FX

JCA FX  it’s a very positive platform where you can learn and earn growing your money overtime by compound interest

Jaron Balfour

Now I Know!

I have been trying these markets since 2018, and none of my knowledge prevailed. Since coming across this course, I have completely reversed and reformed my knowledge on investing and trading. I truly thank Jason for his expertise, hospitable time and patience.

Kerwin Mohammed


These classes fully explained the real life scenarios of what I have learn in POB, Economic and also help to understand the economy and how it works. As a finance professional, I truly cherish these classes. Each class gave the urge to want more knowledge. This is a bonus added on to the exceptional tutoring and zoom classes provided by Jason. He really is a patient individual who truly share his knowledge, wisdom and understanding surrounding the forex market. Cheers. I will recommend these classes to anyone.

Shiva Ramnath

Great Course

I loved this course. Excellent and practical approach to the FX market with great content. The material is very detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow.
The instructor is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. His very clear explanation of concepts makes it easier to learn. My understanding and confidence is much improved.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn or expand their knowledge on FX trading.

Nicholas Gayadeen

I have been trading with

I have been trading with little to no success for about 5 years. I started this program with JCAfx thinking what can they teach me that I don’t already know!. I was blown away from the start as I quickly realized I knew nothing about the forex market.
This program is a must if you want to really understand the market and the major players involved.
Throughly explained, easy to understand and 1 on 1 classes..

Brian Sookdial

Honest Review

I have to say, I have been involved in forex trading for quite sometime now and never seemed to quite get the hang of it. That’s until I linked up with Mr. JASON BRAMBLE. What an incredible journey I have been on until now. This has been the most eye opening experience of my investing career thus far. From the lectures to the analysis, this has been a very professional display of someone who genuinely wants to help and pass on his knowledge of this crazy industry of forex and investing on the whole.

This was exactly what I was looking for, the one on one mentorship. Always taking his time to ensure that you understand the market and what its doing to make an informed decision for entries.

I only have a demo account so far and I have been trying to consistently place my trades as per Jason’s guidelines. And it has been working for me (see attached pic). I will strongly encourage anyone who has a longing to try their hand in forex to give Jason a call ASAP!

Cannot thank you enough my friend. Will be seeing you soon

Navin Ramdial

Navin Ramdial

Valuable Teachings

Earlier in 2023, I decided to look into trading forex again. I had some knowledge as I traded back in 2018/2019. I signed up with JCA FX classes. Once the classes started, I was excited from the onset. Jason’s approach to the markets is like no other. The information received can be applied to daily life as simple as looking at interest rates.
One thing I would like to point out is the effort Jason puts out for his students. He ensures that the team meets weekly to go over the charts. These sessions I always look forward to as they help me prepare for my trading week.
I would encourage anyone to join his classes to gain a better insight into forex. I still have a long way to go but I am confident that I will become a successful trader once I continue to apply what was taught. Thank you Jason for all your support!



I have been trying to trade since 2021 learning all sorts of free content on the internet, tried all sorts of strategies and nothing I learnt could compare to what I have learnt from Jason Bramble and his JCAFX community. The knowledge and skills gained have helped me to better understand the market and make better decisions before taking a trade. I am glad I stumbled upon this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to try and become a forex trader as well!!

Luke Richards-May


Learning to trade forex have been a long journey for me. I really wanted to learn so i decided to sort out a course with the necessary teaching and training . After my 1st course i did not grasp it. I then sorted out another institution. With the 2nd institution i still did not get it. On my 3rd try i decided to change my approach and joined a group that provided the necessary training. This ended in a disaster with loss of funds invested which included subscription fees. I end up quitting for a while then start at it again desperately searching for the right teaching and coaching that would cause me to see profitable results. It was during my desperate search that i came across Mr. Jason Bramble who i decided to take a chance with; and i am so happy that i did. The course he designed helped me to to first understand what forex trading is and what it is not. This course opened my eyes where was able to see the bigger picture of the market and caused me to realize why i continued to produce bad results. I am now on my way with the right approach the right kind of training and mentoring that would cause me to produce and maintain profitable results on a continual basis. This has been a 5 year Journey and i am glad i did not give up and more so glad that i have found JCA FX COACH.

Darrius Garraway

My forex journey

I’ve always consider myself a risk taker where investments are concerned. I got involved in forex in 2019 but I didn’t comprehend the education which resulted in lots of unsuccessful trades and eventually I got demotivated and decided to give up on it.
Forward to 2023 I came across a video from jca fx about his forex course and everything he said in that video I could relate to. So after conversing with Mr Jason Bramble I was impressed with his truthfulness about the forex industry. He wasn’t selling dreams he was telling me the pure unadulterated truth about the forex industry and this is what I wanted to hear…..THE TRUTH.
I then took his course and my oh my it was exceptional the wealth and depth of information was so consuming I kept wanting to learn more. For the first time ⌚ I got an understanding of what I’m learning. His patience and calm demeanor made me always feel comfortable even when something isn’t clear he breaks down his analogy with life experiences so I can get a better understanding.
JCA FX course also help change my mindset about my approach to the financial industry and the economy…yes there is Economics in the course…with the knowledge I have received I’m able to make better decisions in the risky world of the forex industry and also apply it to my lifestyle and habits.
I highly recommend JCA FX to anyone that is interested in trading forex.

Stacey Roberts


From the very first class of the JCA FX coach I realized that this education was like no other, the knowledge that is given in this series of courses is unmatched to anything you see on YouTube or on any other forex educational platforms.

Thanks to Mr. Bramble I now have the education, skills and confidence to trade like the experts on the forex market and most importantly EARN

Nikeitha Williams

Just do it!

If you are looking for an IN DEPTH forex education, look no further JCAFXCOACH. You literally could not ask for a better insight into how the forex market truly works and how to take advantage of it. Mind you this is coming from someone who has been in the forex space for more than 10 years. During this time I have tried an endless courses and strategies (including some I developed independently). However, I honestly say NOTHING comes even remotely close to what is taught here. From the very first class Coach Jason changes your perspective, dispelling deep rooted myths about the forex market and bringing to light truths, that quite frankly I never heard before this course. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you can open a chart or not (he actually shows how you can trade without one), and know or for the very least understand what is happening. In other words if you are considering this course, stop thinking and just do it!

Deon Placide

Great course

In my 8 years of trading i haven’t came across any course like this.i wish i had learned this earlier.great course.anybody that truly wants to learn how to trade properly jcafx is for you.i highly recommend you wont regret it.


Isiah phillips

The hardest prison to escape is your own mind

Great learning experience very well laid out course Recommendations to anyone will to learn from the best thanks Jason.

Keith Abraham

Proper education

Been learning trading since 2018, in an out with companies and what not. Always reaching a certain point and then failing. Till I came across Jason bramble ad on Facebook, and deciding to go and give his course and coaching a try was best decision. Learned so many new stuff that will take my trading to the level I want it to be. I would strongly advise taking this course for anyone who wants to reach the next level

Cory chase