My forex journey

I’ve always consider myself a risk taker where investments are concerned. I got involved in forex in 2019 but I didn’t comprehend the education which resulted in lots of unsuccessful trades and eventually I got demotivated and decided to give up on it.
Forward to 2023 I came across a video from jca fx about his forex course and everything he said in that video I could relate to. So after conversing with Mr Jason Bramble I was impressed with his truthfulness about the forex industry. He wasn’t selling dreams he was telling me the pure unadulterated truth about the forex industry and this is what I wanted to hear…..THE TRUTH.
I then took his course and my oh my it was exceptional the wealth and depth of information was so consuming I kept wanting to learn more. For the first time ⌚ I got an understanding of what I’m learning. His patience and calm demeanor made me always feel comfortable even when something isn’t clear he breaks down his analogy with life experiences so I can get a better understanding.
JCA FX course also help change my mindset about my approach to the financial industry and the economy…yes there is Economics in the course…with the knowledge I have received I’m able to make better decisions in the risky world of the forex industry and also apply it to my lifestyle and habits.
I highly recommend JCA FX to anyone that is interested in trading forex.

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