Learning to trade forex have been a long journey for me. I really wanted to learn so i decided to sort out a course with the necessary teaching and training . After my 1st course i did not grasp it. I then sorted out another institution. With the 2nd institution i still did not get it. On my 3rd try i decided to change my approach and joined a group that provided the necessary training. This ended in a disaster with loss of funds invested which included subscription fees. I end up quitting for a while then start at it again desperately searching for the right teaching and coaching that would cause me to see profitable results. It was during my desperate search that i came across Mr. Jason Bramble who i decided to take a chance with; and i am so happy that i did. The course he designed helped me to to first understand what forex trading is and what it is not. This course opened my eyes where was able to see the bigger picture of the market and caused me to realize why i continued to produce bad results. I am now on my way with the right approach the right kind of training and mentoring that would cause me to produce and maintain profitable results on a continual basis. This has been a 5 year Journey and i am glad i did not give up and more so glad that i have found JCA FX COACH.

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